About Me

I am a professional and educated Videographer, Graphic Designer, and Web Designer. I see great video shots in every day life, along with great designs just walking down the street. In otherwords,

I never stop designing.

I took my passion for production work to Youngstown State University in Ohio, and I majored in Telecommunications/Video Production and minored in Graphic Design.

I have made videos for news, marketing purposes, weddings, education, and everything inbetween. Many of my produced videos appeared weekly on television, along with commercials for large local events.

View samples of my video work here.

My graphic design work is being used by businesses throughout the midwest. The designs include everything from logos, banners, brochures, and fully designed websites.

View samples of my graphic work here.

Feel free to explore my website and email me if you would be interested in my work: emrrusu@gmail.com.